baby loach porridge

baby loach porridge
after the beginning of autumn, there is a popular saying in our country that the autumn temperature changes from hot to cool, the consumption of the human body gradually decreases, and the appetite begins to increase. According to the characteristics of this solar term, people will take nutrition and adjust their diet to supplement the consumption in summer. The autumn wind blows, the loach fat, the early winter, the loach competition, and the ginseng game. It is said that a variety of fish are delicate, tender and plump in autumn. At that time, it was especially suitable for all kinds of people. Livestock and poultry meat is richer in unsaturated fatty acids, which has a positive effect on helping to improve muscle neuron function and fatigue recovery. Loach in fish is NO.1 for calcium supplementation in fish. Under the same weight, the calcium content of loach is that of carp. Nearly 6 times is about 10 times that of hairtail. The reference month age is 8M+
Main ingredients
  • 2 loach
  • buckwheat 25 grams
  • Rice 30g
  • 2 servings
    Step step.


    Blank the loach with hot water, add a little salt, and rub the sticky surface as much as possible, and then wash it with hot water.Tips When buying, let the fish seller help kill it.

    Step step.


    Put water in the pot and add loach ginger Bring the shallots to a boil over high heat and turn to low heat for 15 minutes



    Time to clip the loach out



    Start to cook porridge and add some water if the soup is not enough

    Step step.


    Boil the water, add the rice, pour in the cooking wine and bring to the boil, turn to low heat and simmer for 25 minutes

    step step.


    The loach can beThe flesh of the loach is kicked down.The spineless spines on the back of the loach are very thick.It is easy to find the meat that has been kicked down.Don't worry, put a plastic wrap on your hands and touch it back and forth twice.

    Step step.


    The porridge is ready Add the loach meat and stir well



    You can make delicious porridge

    Step by step.


    It is recommended to match the fish with starchy staple food, multigrain rice and protein supplementation.If you add some vegetables in it, it can become an independent meal.It can also be served with fried vegetables and small cakes.

    The finished picture of baby loach porridge
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