Cucumber Honey Drink

Cucumber Honey Drink
Cucumber, as a vegetable, is rich in vitamins such as vitamin C, which can improve human immunity and its antioxidant effect can play an anti-tumor effect The role of cucumber is rich in vitamin E, which can prolong life. At the same time, cucumber can also be eaten as a fruit. Even diabetics can eat without sugar such as honey
Main ingredients
  • 1 cucumber
  • Appropriate amount of honey

Step 1 of cucumber honey drink1.Wash and peel a cucumber I use honey Linden honey and others are also fine, as long as the genuine honey is guaranteed, it is better to eat white sugar directly

Step 2 of cucumber honey drink2.Cut the cucumber into small pieces

Step 3 of the cucumber honey drink3.Put it in the juicer and add it to the 700ml water level.This is three cups.You can reduce it if you want to add more cups.Cucumber is coming

Step 4 of cucumber honey drink4.Start the juicer and hit everything for a minute.

Step 5 of the cucumber honey drink5.Filter through a sieve once to accept the pomace, don't filter it

Step 6 of drinking cucumber and honey6.Filter outThe slag is very delicate

Step 7 of the cucumber honey drink7.Skim off the foam on the surface, then use a clean, water-free and oil-free spoon to scoop honey into the juice and mix thoroughly

Step 8 of the cucumber and honey drink8.The reflection of the restaurant lamp does not intend to give the juice a beautiful shape

Step 9 of drinking cucumber and honey9.Mom, a cup of big treasure, a cup of two treasures, a bowl of cucumbers in summer Put it into a clean beverage bottle and refrigerate it.When you go out and come home, a bottle is refreshing and refreshing??

The cucumber is refrigerated and then used to make juice, which is more addictive.

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