Perilla pickled ginger

Perilla pickled ginger
Main ingredients
  • Ginger 1000g
  • Perilla 100g
  • White vinegar 500g
  • Water 500g
  • Rock sugar 50g
  • Salt 50g

Step 1 of perilla pickled ginger1.Scrape off the skin of the ginger, clean it and dry it with raw water

Step 2 of perilla pickled ginger2.Cut into slices

Step 3 of basil pickled ginger3.You can put more basil if you like darker colors Perilla

Step 4 of perilla pickled ginger 4.Pick off the perilla leaves and put them in the pot and add rock sugar

Step 55.Pour in the salt

Step 6 of basil pickled ginger6.Add rice vinegar

Step 77.Add a bowl of water

Step 8 of perilla pickled ginger8.Boil and let cool completely

Step 9 of basil pickled ginger9.Put the ginger in a bowl with a lid or a container with an airtight lid as well

Step 10 of perilla pickled ginger10.Pour the cooled perilla water Put it in the ginger slices

Step 11 of basil pickled ginger11.Cover with plastic wrap with an elastic opening

Purple Step 1212.Cover the bowl and store in the refrigerator for 3 days.

Step 13 of basil pickled ginger13.Ginger in summer can be appetizer and spleen and promote appetite

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