Thirteen Spiced Lobster

Thirteen Spiced Lobster
Main ingredients
  • Appropriate amount of lobster
  • A pack of thirteen spices
  • li>
  • Appropriate amount of ginger
  • Appropriate amount of onion
  • Appropriate amount of pepper
  • Appropriate amount of garlic

Step 1 of Thirteen Spiced Lobster1.Wash the crayfish Scissors head, cut off the middle of the tail, and remove the sperm.Finally, use a brush to clean it and put it in the pot and wait for the pot.

Step 2 of Thirteen Spiced Lobster2.Slice onion, ginger, garlic and pepper

Step 3 of Thirteen Spices Lobster3.Put oil in the pot and prepare the thirteen spice lobster ingredients

Step 4 of the Thirteen Spiced Lobster4.Put the ginger and garlic lobster ingredients in the pot and stir fry over high heat

Step 5 of Thirteen Spiced Lobster5.Lobster Put it in and stir fry

Step 6 of Thirteen Spiced Lobster6.Add cooking wine and cook for a while, add a bottle of beer

Step 7 of Thirteen Spiced Lobster7.It takes about ten minutes to collect the juice under high heat

Step 8 of Thirteen Spiced Lobster8.When the soup is almost collected, add chili and stir fry Put in the spring onion MSG and turn over the pot

Thirteen spice lobster's Step 99.Finally, put it in the pot and put it on a plate.It's a delicious meal.

You can use any seasoning for the lobster according to your own amount.In summer, the lobster is very good with beer.It's delicious.Although it is a bit troublesome to smoke the sperm, the crayfish tastes different after a clean bath

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