Yam three-layer meat

Yam three-layer meat
Main ingredients
  • 1 section of yam
  • 1 piece of three-layer meat
  • 2 grams of salt
  • 1 teaspoon tea oil
  • 1 garlic leaf

Step 1 of three layers of yam meat1.Slicing yam

Step 2 of the three-layered meat with yam2.Stir-fry the three-layered meat in a hot pan with oil and stir-fry until slightly yellow

Step 3 of the three-layered meat with yam3.Stir fry the yam

Step 4 of yam three-layer meat4.Season with salt A little water to collect the juice

Step 5 of the three-layered yam meat5.Out of the pot

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